Christmas is fast approaching, stores are hanging up their decorations and deals are becoming available.

Internet users are surfing the web trying to find the best deals for their money, and offering vouchers is a great way to catch their attention.

In 2016, UK online sales soared to an incredible £136 billion with £25 billion being spent online in the run up to Christmas (13th November- 24th December).

If you are a small business, it is essential to cost out offerings you are presenting to the public, and by doing this you will have covered both the increases and the potential losses you may come across. It might be that the offer you want to run will not actually be as worthwhile or profitable as you imagined, however this depends on your business, marketing, and communication objectives.


What should you do?

There is no doubt that retailers face heavy competition at Christmas, but as it’s your busiest time of the year we would always recommend keeping discounts to a minimum. If you feel you need to use discount promotions, 5-10% plus great customer service should be enough to entice customers away from other stores.

Abandoned Shopping Cart
Make sure you contact users who have abandoned their shopping carts, perhaps offering free gift wrapping or free delivery voucher – giving the customer a choice of vouchers will help to differentiate you from the competition and make customers feel more in control of the transaction.

They have seen you before, but haven’t visited in a while – let them know you miss them and remind them of why they went to you in the first place. A Merry Christmas email campaign with a voucher included that can be redeemed in January (a less profitable period) would be a friendly invitation back to your site.

In Store
Set yourself apart from other retailers – rather than offering discounts during a peak trading period, a small gift at the checkout can be a lovely surprise for a customer. Free gift wrapping, a pack of five Christmas cards or a roll of sellotape with every purchase can drive a lot of goodwill and it’s a great way to create a loyal customer who will come back in store for another visit in the New Year.

Beat the January Blues
Once Christmas is over, customers often have limited budgets but will be looking to cheer themselves up. It’s a great time to offer more significant discounts and to find a non-competing business to partner with, for example signing up to a gym and getting a deal at a juice bar.

Find customers, make sales and reward loyalty, all through the power of vouchers.

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