How Il Guscio Pizzeria in Hackney

uses iVoucher to grow and flourish

Hackney’s Hidden Gem

Il Guscio in Hackney is a colourful, authentic Italian restaurant specialising in the food and wine of Sardinia. Il Guscio has a dedicated clientele who would rather keep this hidden gem to themselves, describing it as ‘the perfect date night’ and ‘a local jewel.’

Having built up Il Guscio from scratch over the past five years, owner Franco Conteddu and his family are now planning to open a second eatery in the near future. Alongside the restaurant, Il Guscio also sells speciality Italian and Sardinian products and has a thriving delivery business.

Thriving in a Challenging Climate

Franco has seen Hackney change considerably over the past few years, with recent housing developments bringing a surge of new customers to Il Guscio.

‘It’s more important than ever to keep growing my customer database and bringing in new customers. We want to get their email address or mobile number, that’s the most important thing.’

However, it has proven challenging competing with larger companies now operating in Hackney. ‘Domino’s Pizza opened up last year and they are constantly offering vouchers to customers. The majority of our delivery business is through Deliveroo, so once we have paid their 25% commission, we cannot afford to offer a further discount. If we can get customers spending directly with us, then we don’t take such a big hit on our margin, and it means we can reward our customers with money off, just like the big companies.’

Franco uses iVoucher to send vouchers via text message and email to his customer database. He also hands out business cards to customers in the restaurant with a QR code and link to his iVoucher. Customers have to leave their email address in order to access a unique code to claim a 25% discount. Franco then uses the data collected to send details of future offers and promotions to his customers.

Delivering Real Results for Small Business

Franco signed up to iVoucher in September this year and has already started to see results.

‘With iVoucher I get the new customer’s email address before I give away the discount. So far in September we have had 50 new customers leave their email address and 10 orders where a voucher code has been used, amounting to over £300. To see that level of return from £29 a month and in such a short space of time has been amazing for business, and I will definitely be recommending iVoucher to friends in the restaurant trade.’


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