Why Vouchers?

We understand how competitive the salon industry can be – with leading brands, new companies, and local professionals, it can be hard to get your name out there.

Your trade takes a lot of time and effort, and if you’re an independent brand, marketing is probably one of the last things on your to do list. So here is our 60 second top tips guide on how you can use vouchers to win new customers and reward your existing ones quickly and effectively.


Why should I use vouchers?

There are three main reasons why your salon should be promoting your services with vouchers: they bring in new customers, they retain existing customers and they encourage customers to increase the amount they spend with you.

  • The most successful salon campaigns have been downloaded vouchers – 80% of today’s consumers look online for recommendations. Let’s say you’re a local customer in desperate need of getting your hair washed, coloured, trimmed and blow dried and you see a voucher from a local salon offering a discounted price, what would you do?
  • The first step is agreeing on the “offer” that will be made – it’s important to cost the offer before setting it. Will it be worthwhile? Will people use it? For example, offering 50% off a Cut & Finish in January is an ideal way to get customers in during a month where business is typically quieter after the Christmas peak.
  • Run a discount for your existing customers, such as ‘Tag us and 5 friends with the hashtag #xxxxx for 20% off your next appointment!’ Not only will this help encourage brand loyalty, but it will also spread awareness to a wider audience.


 Three Vouchers to try today

  • Free head massage with any Cut and Finish
  • 20% off your first appointment
  • VIP Customers – Get £x worth of treatments when you spend £x

iVoucher helps small businesses to create and send vouchers to their customers. Start growing your business today. Sign up for your free 15 day trial at www.ivoucher.com.