Customers’ purse strings tend to tighten during January after a bit too much overspending & indulgence at Christmas… This is the ideal time to offer vouchers to customers & ensure you get 2018 off to a fantastic start!

Customers will exchange personal information in return for a voucher
One of our users is currently running a 40% off promotion for January. With such a strong offer people are willing to exchange a significant amount of personal information in return, and they have already received over 100 signups.

Vouchers create urgency
High street retailers use January Sales as an opportunity to clear old stock during a period when customers have limited disposable income. By creating a limited-time promotion customers recognise that in order to bag a bargain they will need to purchase from you right now!

Reward VIP customers
Rewarding your VIP customers with a promotion exclusively available to them over January will make them feel special, ensure they keep coming back to you during 2018, and keep sales up during a quieter period.

To help you get 2018 off to a fantastic start, we’re offering 50% off your first month of Premium – just enter code LOVEJANUARY at checkout.