Customers’ purse strings tend to tighten during January after a bit too much overspending and indulgence at Christmas!

But with health, wellbeing and fitness being top of most people’s New Year resolutions, how can Spas and Beauty Therapists take advantage of increased interest in their services whilst offering good value for money? 

Vouchers are a quick and easy way to keep your spa or salon busy during the quieter January period. Offer significant discounts on your services with great customer service during January and you will find customers returning to you at full price for the rest of 2018!


Find customers, make sales and reward loyalty, all through the power of vouchers.

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Why vouchers?

  • Customers are willing to exchange their personal information (such as email address) in return for a voucher, so even if customers don’t redeem the voucher in January, you are still building your marketing database and can continue to contact them about other promotions in the future

  •  Vouchers create urgency and incentivise the customer to purchase from you now, particularly in January when money is tight!

  • Reward your VIP customers with special promotions offered exclusively to them to thank them for their loyalty during a quieter period for your business – make them feel special and ensure they keep coming back to you during 2018


It’s important to think through what type of promotion you are going to run and when you will offer it. Take a look at last year’s diary in January.. any particular times where it’s quieter? This is where you want to discount, offering ‘50% off massages Tues-Thurs 10am-2pm’ for example. Also, look at offering discounts on bulk bookings to avoid customers coming in once to use a voucher and then never returning, such as ‘Buy three facials and get your fourth free’.

Whatever vouchers you choose to offer this January, make sure you emphasise the importance of wellbeing, as this will be front of people’s minds after Christmas indulgences. Employing some of these tactics will ensure your spa or beauty salon stays busy during January and will help you get 2018 off to a great start!


Three Vouchers to try this January:

    • 30% off all treatments in January

    • January Detox Package: 25 mins massage + 25 mins facial for just £49!

    • FREE smoothie with your treatment when you book in January


Find customers, make sales and reward loyalty, all through the power of vouchers.

Start your FREE 15 day trial today at