Software Feature Overview

iVoucher’s unique range of features give you the ultimate control over your vouchers, making it easy to find customers, make sales and reward loyalty. Here are a selection of some of our most popular features with our customers.


Email Opt-in Collection

Now more than ever it’s imperative that you collect permission from your audience to send them communications so that you can market your services to them in the future, and vouchers are a fantastic incentive for customers to opt-in to your communications.

Every voucher you publish asks your customers whether they wish to opt-in to your email communications before they can access their voucher. Information on when customers opted-in to your communications is captured within iVoucher for safekeeping and can be easily exported at any time.

Customise Data Capture

Vouchers are a fantastic incentive for customers to provide further information about themselves. With iVoucher you can easily add as many or as few data capture fields to your vouchers as you like – simply drag and drop the fields you wish to use.

Fields include postcode, telephone number, occupation and birthday to name a few, and can be made optional or mandatory.

Send Voucher Options

Giving customers the option to send themselves a copy of your voucher increases the likelihood of a voucher being redeemed, and can also be used as a means to capture additional data about your customers.

With iVoucher, vouchers are automatically set-up so that customers can choose to send themselves a copy of their voucher to their email, mobile phone or printer.

Track Individual Vouchers

Easily access information on all of your voucher claims, such as customer name, time of claim and voucher code. iVoucher has its own redemption tools so that you can track when vouchers have been used by your customers, as well as the ability to mark vouchers as fulfilled.

Create customised reports for your voucher campaigns, and easily export data from iVoucher at the touch of a button.

Control Voucher Security

iVoucher’s numerous security features include limits on the total number of vouchers available to claim, limits on the number of vouchers claimed per email address, and validation against a contact list. Results are delivered in real-time and it’s easy to pause campaigns at any point.

iVoucher supports all major redemption methods such as QR codes, barcodes and alphanumeric codes. You can choose to assign a single code to your campaign, assign unique codes automatically generate by iVoucher, or upload a list of unique codes which iVoucher will assign once to a single voucher.

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