With the weather we’ve been having recently it may not feel like it, but Spring is finally upon us! After a typically quieter period for restaurants post-Christmas, Spring is the perfect time to use vouchers to give your restaurant a boost in the run-up to Summer.

Here are some of our top suggestions for vouchers that will generate more business this Spring without cannibalising on your peak periods.


Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Handpick your top fifty customers and send them a personal message offering them an early tasting of your Spring Menu with a voucher for a free drink.

Your most loyal customers will appreciate the gesture, it’s an opportunity to get their feedback before you go live with your new menu, and their endorsement through word of mouth and social media could help to generate more business for your restaurant this Spring.

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Get Creative This Easter

Start an Easter Egg Hunt of your own in the form of links to a variety of vouchers hidden on your website pages.

This will help to keep business heading in the right direction after the Easter rush, and can also help to highlight important information on your website such as upcoming events, online reservations, etc.

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Have a Spring Clean

Have a clear out before Summer and use ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ or ‘Buy One Get One Free’ vouchers to rid yourself of any unwanted stock / menu items.

Capturing customer data such as email address, telephone number, etc. at the point of offering the voucher means you can grow your mailing list in advance of the Summer peak period.

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Avoid Those April Showers

April is notorious for its rainfall and your customers may need a little extra incentive to brave the bad weather!

To generate a few extra covers on a quiet day, have an email ready to send out to your customers on a particularly rainy morning with an extra-special voucher only available to use for a limited time only, such as ‘£5 off your bill when you visit today before 4pm’.

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