Children want to enjoy themselves in a place of wonders, chaos and imagination…. and parents/ carers are on the look out for getting the most for their child, and the most for their money.  But how can you build up and maintain your numbers all through the week, not just at peak times in holidays or weekends?

Why iVouchers?

  • They are an exciting addition to your current activity.
  • Customers are willing to exchange their personal information (such as email address) in return for a voucher, so even if customers don’t redeem the voucher, you are still building your marketing database and can continue to contact them about other promotions in the future.
  • Vouchers create urgency and incentivise the customer to purchase from you.
  • You can reward your VIP customers with special promotions offered exclusively to them to thank them for their loyalty.

Vouchers types for your business

Flash Sales

Do you have empty patches where you could use vouchers to go in? Create a flash sale on your empty periods to help bulk them out e.g, Tuesday 10-12 half price play entry!

Flash sales can be an extremely effective method for quickly turning a negative into a positive in a matter of hours.

Sponsor an event

Sponsor an event and offer a discount to those who attend.
Hand out vouchers where you will be recognised. Think about key events filled with your target audience. Where will you be able to find and target parents/ carers? And the children for a matter of ‘pester power’!

Ideas include: Book days at school, school fayres, local summer festivals, scouts/ rainbows, giant Easter egg hunt.


Tailor your promotion to the seasons and special holidays.
For example, in summer days, do you expects to be less busy than usual? In winter on rainy days, will you be at full capacity?

Special holidays:

Mother’s Day – offer Mum’s a free hot drink/ slice of cake with any paying entry on Mothering Sunday.
Valentine’s Day – buy one get one free entry for you and your best friend!
Easter – free mini Easter eggs with every full priced entry and meal!

Three vouchers to try today

  • Kid eat for £1
  • Flash sale £100 year membership for first 20 people.
  • Group booking deals. Pay for 10 and get 2 free.


Find customers, make sales and reward loyalty, all through the power of vouchers.

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