Why Vouchers?
Using vouchers in your strategy is a great way of exposing deals you may already deliver, or testing out new ones to trial and fulfil your customers needs.
Whether you’re a team of 100, a local business of 10, or a home baker by yourself, using promotions in your marketing strategy can really impact your brand and revenue.

If you’ve never worked with vouchers before or haven’t ever run promotions, you can start by offering just that ‘little extra’ ‘Buy 5 Get 1 Free’ to upsell the purchase. If a customer visited your bakery with the intention of buying 3 cakes, and then saw a promotion, they would take the promotion. Using the ‘Buy 5 Get 1 Free’ promotion as an example, 57% of customers would take the promotion as they feel they are getting more for their money.

Discount Goods
Discounting is one of the most traditional ways bakery businesses promote their products and services. Depending on your business goals, discounting can be done several ways. You can host a weekly promotion that allows customers to ‘Buy One Baked Good and Get One Free’, or you could offer a percentage off on certain days for OAPs, students, parents, service workers or children.

This highlights the importance of themes. Are you keeping track of key holidays and dates? Have you thought about setting special offers for Mothers Day / Fathers Day/ Grandparents Day / Easter? Be aware of your peak times -try to avoid using promotions when you are going to get the business anyway. Look through your sales and see where there is a common empty patch: ‘Buy One Get One Free available Wednesday 10.30am-11.30am’

Sponsor an Event
A great way to spread brand awareness and set a promotion running at the same time. This is a great way of reaching out to new customers and collecting their data to communicate to them again in the future!

Set a raffle for local businesses to enter to win baked goods for the office. Using iVoucher, you can handle all entries by the data capture form and by distributing unique codes. You can then select one random code and announce the winner via the data they have given you. A great way of collecting data and getting a large group of customers involved!

Our Top 3 deals for bakeries :

  • Get 15 in our special bakers dozen!
  • Buy 5 cakes and get 1 free!
  • Spend £100 and get £10 off!

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