Why Vouchers?

We know that, at times, pubs and bars can have their ‘dry spells’. It could be from seasonal, weather-based or competition factors. During those periods the drive from a customer perspective is ‘who is offering the most?’.

There are three main reasons why your pub or bar should be using vouchers – they bring in new customers, they retain existing customers and they upsell customers to increase the amount they spend with you.

Here are our top tips for pubs and bars looking to get started with vouchers:

  • Freebies encourages customers to stay in the pub for longer and drink more. If a customer spends £10 or more on a round of drinks, thank them with a complimentary small bowl of peanuts, pistachios or other low cost snack.
  • Use local hashtags when promoting your voucher on Twitter to get it seen by the most relevant audience. Retweet it two or three times a day in order to get the most traction.
  • Quiet Monday afternoon? Do a ‘flash sale’ on Facebook, offering a significant discount to someone who anyone who comes in before 4pm. To get up some traction on social media you could try offering a declining discount, so 30% before 2.30pm, 20% before 3.30pm, 10% before 4.30pm, etc.

“Cost out your promotions- especially involving alcohol!”

Three vouchers to try today

  1. Afternoon Deal: FREE slice of cake with your coffee and wifi
  1. FREE bottle of prosecco when you book your birthday party with us
  1. Kids eat for £1 on weekdays

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