Why Vouchers?

The online marketplace is a playground for brands, products and services. Have you noticed the hype for vouchers and discount codes? People want more for less, fact. So, retailers must be sure that their place is most attractive to win potential customers over!

There are three main reasons why your retail outlet should be promoting your products with vouchers: they bring in new customers, they retain existing customers and they stimulate customers to increase the amount they spend with you… More people, more products, more money! Let me tell you some more.

‘Why should I use vouchers?’ I hear you say. Well…

  • Customers can download vouchers on the move- who knows the path they’re going to take? Let’s face it everyone has a mobile phone, and increasingly more are getting mobile internet access. The lure of a discount can tempt more customers in and drive sales to you rather than your competitors!
  • Online vouchers save money on printing costs and paper- all topped off by having an endless reach! The biggest audience out there is the online audience- wouldn’t it be great to talk to the mass?
  • 53% of adults look more closely at a promotion if their friends have recommended them. Run a promotion over social media and encourage the action of ‘sharing’. This will spread brand awareness and meet a wide audience.

“Cost out your offers so you know what you can afford and how it will impact your business!”

Three Vouchers to try today

  • 20% off your first order
  • Save £10 when you spend over £30
  • FREE gift when you spend over £30

Why not give it a trial? If they like it, keep it up! If they don’t, you haven’t lost anything!
Remember, when you set your first offer, you have their email address- you can target them again for any new promotions!

iVoucher helps small businesses to create and send vouchers to their customers. Start growing your business today. Sign up for your free 15 day trial at www.ivoucher.com.